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A 'feel' for how our bear may look.
This image by Richard Symonds*

We'd like you to meet our bear

Famous for its story of the Bear and Bible, Congleton once again has its own bear.

This bear is set to characterise Congleton and help to raise the profile of the town. Congleton’s history has been built, since the 1600s, upon the story of how the townspeople used money put aside for a new town bible to buy a dancing bear for the forthcoming Wakes, after the old one died. This story has become such a part of Congleton that the name Beartown has been with us for as long as any of us can remember.

We are, however, very aware that Congleton’s history is actually based on a pastime that is cruel and exploitive to the poor bear. Because of this, our mission is to keep the Bear as our symbol, but at the same time work hard to redress the balance by using our identity to help distressed bears throughout the world. Congleton’s new bear is an Asiatic black bear, otherwise known as a Moon Bear, because of the crescent shaped patch on its chest. The Moon bear is particularly topical due to the fact that there’s been so much publicity about bile farming

Our bear will act as a figurehead to lead Congleton into the Public Eye as a symbol of courage, stamina and fun and will help people to relate to their town and its history. He doesn’t have a name yet but should soon be given a name by the children of Congleton. He’s a very friendly soul with a great sense of humour, and will always do his best to help others in any way he can. Being a kindly bear he loves to involve his friends and family in everything he does.

One thing our bear loves to do is travel and find out about new places. His sense of adventure and curiosity can sometimes get him into trouble but he loves to just get out there and do things. The one thing he loves above all else is Congleton and its surrounding countryside.

Watch out for more pictures of him on this site and around the town and read his story in our book which will be printed and on sale after the New Year. You will also be able to buy merchandise of the bear and his accompanying characters... watch this space for more information as it becomes available.


* Bear illustration by Richard Symonds www.richardsymonds.com

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