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Bears on Parade

This is your chance to meet our bears, learn who sponsored and who painted them.

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Alpha Bear (number 39 on the trail)

This is Alpha Bear – 1st for Road Safety. He owned by Cheshire Fire Brigade, and was painted by pupils at Congleton High School. He sits patiently outside Congleton Fire Station at the top of Clayton By-pass encouraging everyone to drive safely!


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Annie the 40th Anniversary Bear (number 11)

Meet Annie, sponsored by SIEMENS and painted by Micc Burgess

Annie lives in Congleton Library and can be seen during their opening hours

Link to see opening times

But be careful with Annie as she has sharp edges!

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Astro Bear (number 3)

Meet Astro Bear, sponsored by Daven Primary School and painted by Daven Primary School

Sitting with some of his friends in The Congleton Community Gardens, Lawton Street

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Baloo  (number 44)

This is Baloo, sponsored by Jewsons and painted by their own staff


He can be seen guarding Jewsons on Newcastle Road


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Barely Midnight (number 13)

Barely Midnight, sponsored by H Cumerbirch & Son/ Cheshire Consultancy Services

Living with one of his friends, he sits up in Illuccini’s in Capitol Walk

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Bearglar (number 64)

Meet Bearglar, who can be found at Mossley CE Primary School, Boundary Lane


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Bear Force   (number 18)

Meet Bear Force, Sponsored by Pallet Force and painted by the Pallet Force staff

Bear Force can be found by Aldi on Mountbatten Way.


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Bear Mania

BearMania has been sponsored by Dawn Gibbins, painted by Andrea Hall and is the Ambassador bear for the project

This bear will be out and about all around Cheshire promoting BearMania. When he is in Congleton you’ll often see him resting in the Town Hall Studios, next to the Town Hall entertaining people waiting for their photos to be taken.

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Bear NeceSESities of life (number 31)

Meet Bear NeceSESities of life, sponsored by SES Engineering and painted by SES employees.

Bear NeceSESities of life can be seen along Mountbatten way.


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Bear Truth (number 14)

This is Bear Truth, and has been sponsored by the Churches together group. Bear Truth takes pride of place outside the Royal Bank of Scotland where the town’s Christmas Tree can be found during December

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Beau Bear (number 28)

This is the beautiful Beau Bow, sponsored by Berisford ribbons. She sits at the entrance of Berisford’s factory on Thomas Street in Congleton (just off the main road to Buglawton opposite the church). Beau can be seen at all times – but to get up close you’ll need to visit during office hours

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Bejewelled Bear (number 47)

Bejewelled bear sits outside of Pecks Restaurant on the A34 Newcastle Road. Bejewelled spends his time in the restaurant at night and when the restaurant is closed so to admire this sparkly bear you’ll need to visit during opening hours  - see www.pecksrest.co.uk

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Bernard Bear (number 42)

Meet Bernard Bear, sponsored by Jantex and painted by artist Jackie Clarke

Bernard sits proudly up high on the garden infront of Jantex on Rood Hill

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Berni’D’Wood (number 27)

Berni can be seen on the roof of his sponsors, Cheshire Design Centre, in Hatter Street – just across the car park from Beau Bear at Berisfords. Amongst many products Wood Burners are a top seller for Cheshire Design Centre  – hence the name Berni D’Wood!

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Biggsy Bear (number 19)

Meet Biggsy Bear, sponsored by Whittaker and Biggs estate agent in Congleton. Pinted by Ellie and Francesca Garnsey 

He can be found on the corner of Market Street and Mountbatten Way

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Bob the Bear (number 41)

Meet Bob. Bob has been sponsored by Prism, a computer company in Congleton. Bob sits proudly at the Roundabout opposite the Shell garage on Clayton By-pass


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Bosley Bear

This is the beautiful Bosley Bear which sat proudly at the crossroads at Bosley and was designed and painted by the children at Bosley Primary School. We are very, very sad that someone decided to take this bear away  - goodness knows why  - they are worth nothing, but bring joy to thousands. We hope that during half-term who ever decided to take him will see sense and bring the bear back to where he belongs.

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Bosselina Bear (number 40)

After Bossley Bear was stolen and not returned a replacement bear was made for the Bossley School

Meet Boslina, sponsored by Bosley Primary School and painted by Sue Holmes

She can be seen on the Clayton Bypass.


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Bovis Bear

Welcome to Bovis, our latest addition to the bear pack. Bovis os owned by Bovis Homes and you can meet him on display at Specsavers in the High Street.

Bovis was painted by Sue Holmes of Jigsaw


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Bluebell Bear (number 16)

Bluebell is sponsored by Bluebell BMW garage and painted in their workshop

Bluebell can be found sitting comfortably in the flower planters (with the other flowers) in the pedestrian area.


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Bubble Bear (number 58)

This is the gorgeous Bubble Bear. He was initially on the Buxton Road near Coley Mill, but after his friend up the road Bosley was stolen, the teachers and pupils at Havannah school, who designed the bear, decided he should be brought into the town.. Bubbles is currently in Capitol Walk where he has been much admired and photographed.

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Daffy Bear

Meet Daffy, Bear of Hope, sponsored by Dawn Gibbins MBE in memory of her father, the great British inventor Peter Gibbins. Daffy was painted by local artist Allie Pottinger.

Daffy is in a private garden that has special resonance for Dawn, but don't worry, Daffy will be making guest appearances at various events.


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Doodle Bear (number 38)

Meet Doodle Bear, Sponsored by Peter Jones, made by Marlfields Primary School

Sitting up in Illuccini’s Capitol Walk he would love for you to doodle on him!


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Eaton Banksy Bear (number 62)

This is Eaton Banksy Bear, which can be found in the reception at Eaton Bank School. Unfortunately ‘Banksy’ can only be seen when the school is open. It has been painted and designed by pupils at Eaton Bank High School.

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Fleur Bear  (number 4)

Meet Fleur Bear, sponsored by Smallwood C E Primary School (CeCP) and painted by Jemima Axson

Fleur can be found in the community gardens.


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Grrrrrover (number 52)

This is Grrrrrover – a staunch supporter of Congleton Rovers Football Club. Grrrover currently sits on the Sandbach Road near Congleton High School welcoming people to Congleton – he has been painted by Rebecca Wilson.


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Hair Bear (number 32)

Meet Hair Bear, painted by pupils at Black Firs Primary School

He can be found at Blackfirs School


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Hands of Hope Bear (number 48)

This isis Hands of Hope Bear, created by children at Scholar Green Primary School with the help of Petra Lea. Hands of Hope takes pride of place near the entrance to Scholar Green Primary School.


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Henry Ford (number 33)

Here's Henry Ford Bear - painted by Rebecca Wilson and found at various locations around the Burns Garage Site on Canal Street.


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Inspirational Bear  (number 25)

This is Inspirational Bear, sponsored by Andrea Hall and painted by Andrea Hall

Inspirational Bear can be found at the Pavilion in Congleton Park.


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Johnson Bear (number 43)

This is Johnson Bear, sponsored by Johnson Tiles and cleverly covered in little pieces of Tile. He sits proudly at the top of Rood Hill – where decades ago the Congleton Lighthouse could be found!


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Justice Bear (number 5)

Meet Justice Bear, sponsored byFiona Bruce MP and painted by Petra Lee

Justice sits elegantly in the window of Tax Assist in the High Street very close the Town Hall

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Jiggy Bear (number 9)

Meet Jiggy, sponsored by Jigsaw RTM Ltd and painted by Sue Holmes

Jiggy is housed in the Congleton museum in Market Square (behind the Town Hall) – but don’t worry – if you want to view him you can just pop in free of charge!

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Louis Tattooie (number 17)

Louis Tattooie, sponsored by Bubblegum Ink and painted by staff from the shop

Sitting outside Bubblegum Ink, Louis isn’t a night bear and goes to bed when the store shuts.

Click for opening hours

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Magnus   (number 36)

Meet Magnus Bear, sponsored by Magnus and painted by Allie Pottinger

Magnus can be seen sitting outside of the main entrance to the Riverside offices.


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Mayor Bear (number 6)

This is the Mayor Bear, sponsored by Congleton Town Council and painted by Sue Holmes


Mayor Bear sits proudly in the Town Hall entrance, High Street

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Mercian Bear (number 7)

Mercian Bear is sponsored by the Mercian Regiment and painted by Sue Holmes.


Mercian can be found keeping guard in the Town Hall


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Our Town Bear (number 12)

This is Our Town Bear, Sponsored by Congleton Partnership painted by Deb & Katie Pugh

Situated by Congleton Bus Station and Capitol Walk for everyone to see

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Paws for Floors (number 20)

This is Paws for Floors, sponsored by Flowcrete and painted by the staff at FLowcrete. Paws for Floors greets people entering Congleton at the Mountbatten Crossroads with Market Street.


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Paws for Thought  15

This is Paws for Thought, sponsored by J Pott & Son Macclesfield

He sits with some of his friends in the middle of Bridge Street.

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Pulsington Bear (number 29)

Is this the fittest bear of them all? You'll find Pulsington working out in the area infront of Pulse Fitness Gym on Bromley Road!


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Rainbow Bear (number 55)

This is rainbow bear – painted and designed by the children from Blackfirs Primary School. Rainbow bear is a surprise addition to the Congleton Vets at West Heath Shopping Centre – not sure what all the cats and dogs are making of the latest animal!! He sits in the large front window.

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RaTaBam Bear (number 54)

Meet RaTaBam Bear, sponsored by Lakin Transport and painted by Rob Stevenson and Tracey Lakin

Sitting next to the Welcome to Congleton sign on Holmes Chapel Road (A54)


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Respect Bear (number 53)

This is Respect-a-Bear. He has been designed by the pupils at Congleton High School and sits proudly in the school grounds but is clearly visible from the Sandbach Road near the junction with Box Road.

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Robert Ted (number 8)

Say hello to Robert Ted, sponsored by Congleton Chronicle

Robert lives inside the Chronicle office but can be seen by all just by looking through the window


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Rucking Grizzly (number 30)

This is Rucking Grizzly – owned by Congleton Rugby Club and Back Office Supplies. He is marking the entrance to the Mountbatten Way as you come into Town from the Buxton/Biddulph roads. (some wanted a Scrummy bear..but that was too girlie!)


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Sandy Bear (number 45)

This is Sandy Bear, who watches over activities at the beautiful Astbury Mere Country Park, just off the Newcastle Road in Congleton. He has been sponsored by Nortek and painted by Rob Minshull. Astbury Mere was a former sand quarry – hence the name Sandy. The Country Park is run by the Astbury Mere Trust

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Savannah Bear (number 56)

Savannah has been designed and painted by the pupils of Havannah Primary School and is located in Havannah School, Malhamdale Road, Buglawton


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Scarlet Pearmain (number 24)

Meet Scarlet Pearmain, who belongs to Congleton Sustainability Group.

Named after a Cheshire apple variety (Congleton's apple juice - organised by the group - recently won a regional award), was painted by Petra Lea and Mike Dixon, She can be seen in the shop at the bus stop end of Capitol Walk.

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Teach a Bear (number 46)

Meet Teach a Bear by Astbury St Mary’s C E Primary School – which sits calmly at the entrance to Glebe Farm welcoming visitors and keeping an eye on the pupils in the playground at break and lunch times.

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Teddy Bear (number 65)

Meet Teddy Bear, who can be found at Mossley CE Primary School, Boundary Lane

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Traeh - the bear with the big heart (number 22)

Traeh, sponsored by DRD Trading and Triad painted by Rebecca Wilson

Sitting by Soapy Joes opposite some of her friends at the Mountbatten Way Crossroads

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Visyon Bear (number 23)

This is Visyon bear, sponsored by Dawn Gibbins, a patron of Visyon. This bear will be housed at the Congleton Paddling Pool in Park Street. Congleton Paddling Pool is open seven days a week, 10am – 6pm from May 28th – 1st week in September.

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Welcome Bear  (number 35)

Say hello to Welcome Bear, sponsored by Daven Primary School (CeCP) and painted by Callum Lord and Pupils at Daven.

Welcome bear can be located outside of the Daven Primary School


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Well Read Bear (number 49)

This is Wee-Read Bear who has been designed by Woodcocks Well Primary School and can be found near Mount Pleasant Post Office.

The story starts at the top and winds down to the feet.  It is a story made up by the children at school based on the Moon bears dreaming of escape from captivity and riding in a rocket to Mow Cop Castle where it is invited to stay.  The story has small illustrations to depict some of the powerful nouns in the story.

CLICK TO READ THE WHOLE STORY and to enlarge picture


Wilbearham Bear (number 50)

This is Wilbearham Bear, created by the Children at Castle School in Mow Cop with the help of Andrea Hall. Visitors can find Wilbearham (number 50 on the trail) at Castle School in Mow Cop.


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X-Ray Ted (number 21)

This is X-Ray Ted, sponsored by Plus Dane Housing and painted by Splatt and Young People.

He can be found on the corner of Worrall Street and Mountbatten Way


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